Russian Mechanics RM 800 DUO /EPS

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Copes with solving diverse tasks without any problems. It will confidently work for you in off-road conditions. If necessary, he will pull out a passenger car stuck in the mud, transport the cargo in a trailer. On the RM 800 DUO it is interesting and easy to lay forest routes, ride, getting the joy of relaxing in a friendly company. In the sports biography of the "eight hundred" — prizes at International and All-Russian competitions.
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Technical specifications

Number of clock cycles 4
Engine capacity 800 CC
Power 60 HP
Torque N/A
Compression ratio N/A
Intake Injector
Cooling N/A
Launch system N/A
Transmission Mechanical with variator
Drive 2/4WD + electric differential lock
Transmission L/H/N/R/P, 3
Dimensions and weight
Length 2340 mm
Width 1210 mm
Height 1480 mm
Wheelbase N/A
Ground clearance 295 mm
Dry mass 398 kg
Chassis and brakes
Front suspension Independent double-lever transverse with hydraulic shock absorbers
Front suspension stroke 190
Rear suspension two-lever transverse aircraft with hydraulic shock absorbers
Rear suspension stroke 200
Front brake Hydraulic disc
Rear brake Hydraulic disc
Front/rear tires 26х8-14/26х10-14
Operational characteristics
Maximum speed 100 km/h
Fuel tank capacity 24,5 l
Maximum load on the front trunk 40 kg
Maximum load on the rear trunk 80 kg
Power steering there is

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